Year 5 – Miss Porter

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

- Malala Yousafzai

Welcome to Year 5

Miss Porter and Mrs Lee

Please see the curriculum letter below for information about Music, French, P.E., Art, D.T., PSHE and Computing.

Y5 Class Introduction

Y5 Autumn Term Curriculum Letter


Anglo Saxon Boy

Narrative descriptions -Setting description

Narrative –.Write a short story

Recounts – Informal letter home

Non chronological reports– Biomes and Climate

Narrative: Write a play script (news report) based on The Battle of Hastings


  • Number and Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction with four-digit numbers
  • Statistics – line graphs and two-way tables
  • Multiplication and division – factors, prime, square and cube numbers.
  • Perimeter and Area – irregular shapes



  • Children will learn that there are two stories of creation in the book of Genesis
  • Children will understand that being created in God’s image gives us a responsibility on this world

Miracles and the Sacrament of the Sick

  • Children will learn about some of the miracles of Jesus and the work of the Church in caring for and healing the sick
  • Children will know about some places of pilgrimage and prayer for the sick


  • This unit links the Old and New Testaments in terms of preparing for the coming of Christ
  • Children will discuss the messages that proclaimed the first coming of Christ, and how they point to a second

Parables and the Sayings of Jesus

  • Children will gain a greater understanding of the Parables of Jesus
  • Explore the concept of the Kingdom of God and ways in which Christians respond to this teaching today through belonging to the Church.


Properties of Materials

  • Know how to group everyday materials based on properties such as solubility, transparency, conductivity, and magnetism
  • Suggest suitable materials for functions such as food prep surfaces, sound proofing or drinks bottles.
  • Compare properties such as absorbency, strength and durability.
  • Know the difference between electrical and thermal conductivity

Changes of Materials

  • Know what is meant by reversible and irreversible changes, and give examples
  • Know that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and how to recover a substance from a solution
  • Know how to separate mixtures through filtering, sieving, and evaporating


How did Britain change between the end of the Roman occupation and 1066?

Children will –

  • Know about how the Anglo-Saxons attempted to bring about law and order into the country, and research crime and punishment.
  • Know that during the Anglo-Saxon period Britain was divided into many kingdoms
  • Use a timeline to show when the Anglo-Saxons were in England.
  • Know about the significance of Sutton Hoo


Are Climates and Biomes connected?

Children will –

  • Know what is meant by biomes and what the features of a specific biome are
  • Understand what is meant by a climate zone and know what climate zone we live in, in the UK
  • Know how to use graphs to record features such as temperature or rainfall across the world
  • Understand how human activity affects climate and Climate Change